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Breakthrough Science Targets the Nerve

How it Works

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Muscle cramps and soreness start when your nerves become hyper-excited and blast your tired muscles with repetitive, uncontrollable signals.
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Drinking a 1.7 oz HOTSHOT Sports Shot starts to work by triggering the sensory nerves located in your mouth and esophagus.
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Those stimulated nerves then send a calming signal to your spinal cord.
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The signals inhibit the repetitive firing of hyperactive nerves into your muscles — to quickly stop muscle cramps and reduce next-day muscle soreness.


Muscle cramps and soreness don’t start in your muscles; they start in your nerves. These problems happen when your motor neurons, the nerve cell that signals to the muscle, get hyper-excited and blast your muscles with repetitive and uncontrollable signals. HOTSHOT’s proprietary formulation of all-natural ingredients goes straight to the nerve. By stimulating sensory nerves located in your mouth, esophagus and stomach, HOTSHOT works to prevent motor neurons from misfiring. So, you can compete longer and go harder.
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HOTSHOT was invented by an endurance athlete/ Nobel Prize-Winning Neuroscientist. HOTSHOT’s proprietary formulation was developed after five years of scientific research which revealed a surprising truth: preventing muscle cramps is not about treating the muscles, it’s about treating the nerves.
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Proven to work in field studies and by researchers at Penn State University, HOTSHOT has been shown to significantly reduce muscle-cramp intensity and duration compared to placebo. Field Studies have also shown an overall reduction in next-day muscle pain and soreness.
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“All it took was a Nobel Prize winner experiencing some untimely cramps while sea kayaking a decade ago for people to begin to understand that the causes of muscle cramps may not have much to do with muscles at all.”

– Wall Street Journal

“HOTSHOT is the only scientifically proven formula to prevent and treat muscle cramps on the market.”

– Men’s Fitness

“Most experts blame nasty cramps on dehydration or a lack of electrolytes. But research that’ll be published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Athletic Association has led to the creation of a sports drink that says the real culprit is hyper-excited motor nerves in your spinal cord.”

– Fitness Magazine

“If I was a cramp-prone athlete looking for solutions, I’d go ahead and give HOTSHOT a try.”

– Runner’s World