An Endurance Athlete/Nobel Prize-Winner Takes on Muscle Cramping and Soreness.

HOTSHOT was founded by Nobel Prize-Winner, Dr. Rod Mackinnon, and his friend Dr. Bruce Bean. While deep sea kayaking together one winter, they were both seized with life-threatening muscle cramps. While they survived the excruciating moment, it flipped the switch on their curiosity – Why do we cramp? What is the cure? As neuroscientists, they were uniquely qualified to find the answer.

Calling upon his Nobel Prize-winning expertise, Dr. MacKinnon, together with Dr. Bean, discovered muscle cramping is triggered by hyperactive nerves that can get over-excited with exercise and repetitively fire into the muscle. This repetition is what triggers a cramp and can cause lingering soreness.

With this breakthrough understanding, they created the 1.7 oz Sports Shot that quickly targets and calms hyperactive nerves. Stopping muscle cramps and soreness where they start, at the nerve.

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Today HOTSHOT is the only scientifically proven product to prevent and treat muscle cramps. We are proud to serve over hundreds of professional, college and high school teams — and a growing army of endurance athletes, weekend warriors and exercise enthusiasts. HOTSHOT breaks down the barriers that keep you from doing what you love and finishing what you start.

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