Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can occur after a hard workout or after an increase in duration or intensity from your regular workout. It also can hit after a return to exercise after some period away. The causes of that pain are both muscular and neurological.  Muscular pain can happen as during exercise, connective tissue & muscle fibers become damaged or experience micro trauma. During the body’s normal healing process, it floods the muscle with nutrients etc. to help in the healing but that inflammation can awaken pain receptors which signals the pain. 

But the trigger for that pain is also neurological. During exercise, as muscle fatigue, hyperactive nerves repeatedly pound the heavy-working muscles. While for some people that hyperactivity triggers a cramp, for everyone else it contributes to that lingering next day pain we feel even if we don’t cramp. Stop the hyperactivity and we can lessen the next day pain.


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