"I tried it before a 13 mile training run and fell in love. Not one cramp… I use it before races and it has become a staple in my pre-race or pre-train routine."

Kyle Axman

Triathlete and Bike Instructor
"I felt pain-free and as things went on, I was more and more mentally comfortable knowing HOTSHOT was working to keep my body feeling good."

Eric Fireman

Cross-Fit Athlete
"HOTSHOT is changing how we race- we are able to use it to push ourselves harder, longer, and farther."

Nichole Pool

Colorado Spartan Racer
"I had no cramps, and finished with another Boston Qualifier time!"

Dale Sandley

"One HOTSHOT 15 minutes prior to the swim and another at bike start... no muscle cramping and allows me to maximize my race performance"

Scott MacLaughlin

Triathlete and Volunteer Firefighter