"I just wanted to reach out to first say thank you. While we haven't been able to do the mountain bike race at Downieville since before COVID, that instance was the only time I have ever raced it cramp free..."

"With about a half mile to go, my leg seized up so bad that I was helpless in the water. Choking and worried that I’d have to quit, I yelled for my kayaker to get my my HOTSHOT. Within seconds!!! My cramping subsided and I was able to finish the most brutal swim I have ever completed..."
“Through Division 1 rowing to training full time, HOTSHOT has been a key part of my pre-race and cross-training routine to prevent cramps.”
"Since taking Hotshot I have seen a huge improvement in my muscle soreness during long demanding matches or training sessions.   It also gives me mental clarity before the start of my matches."
"HOTSHOT at Mile 16 today got me through the marathon. I was bracing myself for a world of pain, as my feet were starting to hurt. I drank the HOTSHOT as a preventative measure for cramps, but it helped the foot pain, and I finished stronger than the first half! No cramps!"
"Once a cramp comes on, it was almost impossible to stop, HOTSHOT stops severe cramps dead on, enough to even finish a race. This stuff works and recommend it to anyone who wants to stop suffering with cramps!"
"Yesterday I used HOTSHOT on a 20 mile race in Sacramento and this stuff was indeed amazing!!! I bought the 3 pack tester because I wasn’t sure how it would go, but as it turns out I ran better than I ever have before!!! Thanks!"
"The science behind this product is proven and real. HOTSHOT truly is a game-change for anyone that goes deep and expects their body to respond."
"I estimate that HOTSHOT has prevented 23 players from cramping throughout the season... I would recommend HOTSHOT to any football coach who is having a problem with cramping."
"I was about 1/3 the way into {my ab} routine, and they hit me like a linebacker. I drank the whole bottle down and waited on the crunch machine.  By the time an employed went and told my owner friend, I was standing upright, and the pain was gone."
"Well, downed the bottle and almost instantly the cramp sensation went away. Wasn’t prepared for the intense spicy flavor....wow what a rush. Felt both my legs feel strangely warmed AND the fatigue quickly went away. Time to turn on the afterburner for the last 7 miles. Oh yeah, exceeded all my expectations. Nice. Thanks for the cure that really works immediately."
"I love HOTSHOT so much! It’s been integral in staving off debilitating calf and foot cramps that I have suffered from for years. Thanks for making a product that is all natural, organic, and WORKS!”
"We strongly encourage athletes to carry HOTSHOT with them as a safety net out on the course.”
"I took a HOTSHOT before the competition and one just after the hardest of the 6 workouts - I felt pain-free and as things went on, I was more and more mentally comfortable knowing HOTSHOT was working to keep my body feeling good."
“I took HOTSHOT before the start and at the halfway point. No cramps for the second year in a row taking it.”