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HOTSHOT is a scientific breakthrough in athletic performance that crushes muscle soreness and stops muscle cramps. It’s a solution rooted in science .

Proven to Work Time After Time

Proven effective by external researchers at Penn State University and in field studies, HOTSHOT has been shown to significantly reduce muscle-cramp intensity and duration compared to placebo. Field Studies also showed a reduction in next-day muscle pain and soreness.
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HOTSHOT was originally created to take on muscle cramps, but after feedback from athletes who also felt a positive effect on their muscle soreness, a field study was conducted that demonstrated HOTSHOT's impact on recovery. More than 90% of athletes reported less muscle soreness over a 2-week study.
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Even the best trained athletes can suffer from muscle cramps. It's a widely held myth that muscle cramping is caused by electrolyte imbalance, dehydration or nutritional needs like magnesium or potassium. The truth is cramping is the result of misfiring nerves. They can be triggered by repeated activity, like exercise. HOTSHOT was created to work directly with your nerves, going right to the source to prevent and treat muscle cramps. The sports shot does not contain electrolytes or other ingredients believed to help with cramping — because the issue is the nerves, not your muscles.
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