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Tyler Vanderbeek: "I Can Finally Push Myself Harder."

By: Tyler Vanderbeek

I'm not a professional athlete but very active and competitive.  In the past, I've backed down for fear of cramping but not now!

I first tried HOTSHOT when I started getting serious about mountain biking and cycling.  I love to be outside, and have been exercising since I was young but I'd always dealt with muscle cramps, especially skiing as a teenager.  The best snow days wouldn't be that great for me because I'd cramp up about halfway through.  Since then, I've tried everything I could find to prevent or relieve cramps but nothing seemed to work that well.  Pickle juice almost made me puke! 

When I heard about HOTSHOT I figured, "why not?"  I wanted to really cramp up first and then see if it would actually work for me — and it did. I was still skeptical that it was a coincidence, so I pushed hard again on my next mountain bike ride, and took another after the first sign of cramps and it worked again.  Since then, I've used HOTSHOT pretty regularly on heavy training/races and it's worked every time.  I gave some to my neighbor who rode LOTOJA and he said he wouldn't have been able to finish without it! I'll most likely be doing that race this year knowing know that my muscles won't cramp up.

Now, ski season brings on a whole new world for me!  We've had a lot of good powder days this year, and I’ve been skiing quite a bit.  I always carry a HOTSHOT with me, and have given out several bottles to others I've heard complaining about cramps in the lodge and it's worked for them also.  The other day my arch started cramping as soon as I got on the lift so I hurried and drank one and saw immediate relief.  Without it, that would have been the most excruciating lift ride ever! 

I can finally push myself harder than I have in the past now that I have found my "insurance" or prevention medicine!

My family and I have found multiple uses for HOTSHOT as we've seen it work in several different circumstances now. It not only relieves my teenage daughters cramps, but my wife gets migraines often and she says it will speed up the recovery time for her as well. 

Thank you for developing such an awesome product!



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