Triathlete, Father, Husband, and CFO

Triathlete, Father, Husband, and CFO

James Lane recently shared his life philosophy with us: a healthy lifestyle allows you the most options as you go through life. In his mid-60s, James is a husband, father of two, CFO of two small companies, a triathlete, and recently completed an adventure snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in Yellowstone National Park. It sounds like his life philosophy has more than a bit of truth to it! Given his drive and tenacity, we were excited about the opportunity to help James improve his training and overall neuromuscular performance.

Overall, James is not chronic cramp sufferer. Historically, his worst cramping was in the arches of his feet after swimming dozens of laps. More recently, though, as he trains for longer and more intense durations, cramps are surfacing more regularly and with great severity. This trigger—prolonged training sessions with high input—can produce debilitating cramps that result in muscle soreness lasting long after the cramp subsides.

Perhaps his worst run-in with cramping came during his first 70.3 Ironman. He finished the swim portion and was nearly done with the cycling leg of the race when his hamstrings and thighs started to tremor. He made it to T2 and struggled to change into his running shoes. Every time he bent his legs, cramps would start flaring up the backs of his legs. He finally started on the run. Just 400 yards into the run, he hit the pavement, his legs seizing with muscle cramps. Other runners helped him up. He completed the last 13 miles of this first Ironman event hobbling and walking to the finish line, finishing well over an hour later than he was capable of.

When James heard about our scientifically proven formula to treat and prevent muscle cramps, he knew he had to try it. He got his first samples in December, 2015. His background as a CFO is evident in the rigor he applies to his training and to his use of our product. He provided valuable information to us and asked probing questions to make sure he was getting the most benefit from #ITSTHENERVE. He kept a training and muscle journal when he started our product. Looking over his journal now, three months after adding #ITSTHENERVE to his training regimen, something is missing from his narrative—there is not a single mention of muscle cramps. Even from Yellowstone, in the snowy, high elevations, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing all day—not a single cramp.

His wife and children are James’s greatest joy. But, training for triathlons is pretty high on his list of favorites as well. #ITSTHENERVE has allowed James to push himself harder and focus more on form, technique, and speed. He doesn’t hold back in the pool, on the bike, or on a run now that he no longer worries a full effort may spark a cramp. #ITSTHENERVE is helping James continue to lead the full, active, healthy lifestyle that is so important to him and his family.

What could you do if cramps were no longer part of your training regimen? How have cramps slowed you down or sidelined you on race day? Join the conversation below and sign up to receipt all the latest from #ITSTHENERVE.



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