Everyone has unfinished business. We’ve teamed up with four incredible athletes who refuse to let anything – including muscle cramps – keep them from reaching their goals.  Team Unfinisher's Will is chasing a sub 4:00 hour marathon. Here's his story:

Will is a runner and Charlestown, MA resident. He will be running the marathon for the 6th time in 2018. This is his third consecutive year running to raise money for the Bill Belichick foundation of which he was named the official #TeamBelichick Captain of the Boston Marathon Team. His goal is to raise $15,000 this year.

What goal are you chasing?

Will: My goal is to run the Boston Marathon in under 4 hours... My fastest Boston was 4:31 and my slowest was 5:05.

Have cramps prevented you from accomplishing your goals?

Will: I have always finished the marathon, but my time goals haven’t always been realized due to cramping...During past races, usually when the temperature are warm, either my calves or quads would begin to lock up. I would have to pull to the side and stretch my muscles.

What inspires you or drives you to keep going?

Will: My mother who passed away at 54, my wife and my 2 sons. I believe you don’t quit something you have started. This will be my 6th Boston Marathon. For the third consecutive year, I will be running for the Bill Belichick Foundation which aims to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations.

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