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Steve Hughes: No More Skepticism For Me

"I have used HOTSHOT several times now since you launched, with extremely positive results." — Steve Hughes   

I hydrate and fuel well and often, I have a plan from a Sports Medicine hospital, so I knew my cramps were not due to a lack of/imbalance of electrolytes etc. I needed to find a cure.

I have to admit, at first I was very skeptical, but then I read a Facebook posting from a coach of mine from a few years back, he’s a semi-professional triathlete and has always suffered from cramps. He had remarked how well HOTSHOT worked for him, worth a try, right?

Back in the middle of this summer, in the heat of a long hot day, I was tackling what we call in Boulder the Skyline Taverse, a multi-peak run of about 22 miles in total, with several 1000’s of feet of elevation gain and loss. I decided to take a couple of HOTSHOT’s along, thinking, “What the hell, just in case?”

At around mile16-17 the debilitating cramps kicked in, I was descending one peak after several hours of mostly climbing and bam! My left quad and abductor completely seized up, the pain was awful. I thought my day was over and I’d have to walk out. I took a HOTSHOT and was completely amazed that within 1-2 minutes the cramps had gone. I thought it was some magic elixir or something. I thought the relief would only be temporary, but as I started to gingerly carry on walking and back to running, I was able to go several miles, unimpeded with no problems at all.

A couple of months later I was up in Aspen running the “4 Pass Loop,” 28 miles over a 12-hour day. About half way, I began to cramp and took a HOTSHOT and never had another problem.

Labor day weekend, I was running a 50K around Mt. St Helens in WA. The first 50K I had done in four years. I couldn’t risk going that far for fear of cramps. This time I took a HOTSHOT before the race. I still started experiencing the same old cramps about 5-6 hours in, so took another HOTSHOT with zero issues the remainder of the day.

I am definitely a convert! Now, whenever I have a long day of training, I always take one before, during (sometimes precautionary) and another after for recovery. HOTSHOT has made a world of difference to me.   I can now tackle the longer days without worrying that I’m going to blow up at some stage and have to walk out.



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