Justin Klein


By: Justin Klein

As a soldier in the military, physical fitness is an integral part of my life. Every morning means doing something to make myself better. I thought I was in great shape until I decided to become a competitive mountain biker. 

I did well, but it was a struggle. I would frequently find myself either bonking or cramping toward the end. I tried to counter that with more hydration and nutrition, but that just resulted in gut bombs. 

I ended up moving to Hawaii and decided to give triathlons a try. I had similar results. I ended up cramping on longer swims and toward the end of the run. No matter the hydration or the nutrition I always got the same results.

Just before the Honolulu Triathlon, I happened to see HOTSHOT and thought, what did I have to lose. I took the HOTSHOT 15 minutes before I hit the water. For the first time on a long swim, I didn’t have cramping in my feet, and I actually ended up setting a new PR for my 1600m-swim time. 

I quickly transitioned to the bike and cruised through the 25-mile Olympic distance ride. 

I grabbed my second HOTSHOT and left T3. Five minutes into the run I crushed my next HOTSHOT. Again, I PR’d my 10k run. I finished 8th in my age group, and 62nd out of nearly 3,000 competitors. I am 100% confident it was due to HOTSHOT.

Initially, I was obviously skeptical. There is always someone claiming to have solved the mystery whatever it is. I read the initial research and some reviews from others, so I had high hopes. What I didn't expect was the actual outcome. I couldn't have imagined it working so well. How this 1.7 oz of what tastes almost like hot sauce stop cramping, helps recovery, and it might be partly mental, but the confidence that I know I won't cramp, I am able to push the edge and continually PR events.

Now, I don’t race without it. Whether it’s a 5k, 10k or marathon, HOTSHOT is in my transition area or in my body. I’ve told so many people about HOTSHOT. Now, with the new science-backed studies, it just proves how great HOTSHOT is.

HOTSHOT is a game-changer, no question.



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