Scott Mathers holding HOTSHOT bottle on bike

Cyclist and Skier Scott Mathers: "HOTSHOT is a Miracle Product"

Scott Mathers is a 54-year-old ski pro who has been involved in coaching, instructing and training ski instructors on a full-time basis since 1980. While he doesn’t consider himself an endurance athlete, per say, Mathers does incorporate a cross-training regimen of weightlifting and long rides on his bike – activities that often cause muscle cramping. Three-hour rides are no longer a problem now that Scott has found HOTSHOT. Read his story:

My conditioning is oriented at staying fit for alpine skiing. I am in the gym three days a week and on the bike three times a week from May until November.

Part of my challenge is that I am not exclusively focused on endurance training, as my gym sessions are heavy weightlifting. I believe as a result of my relatively low mileage on the bike, I am very susceptible to cramping after two hours of hard, fast riding. I am also very susceptible to post-cycling cramping, specifically in the thigh adductor and quadriceps muscles. I have suffered with these cramping problems for 30 years and HOTSHOT has completely eliminated my cramping issues. As far as I am concerned, HOTSHOT is a miracle product. I have been using HOTSHOT since the beginning of May and I have not experienced any cramps at all during this period. Not even post-exercise cramps. I just can’t believe it.

HOTSHOT has allowed me to train on the bike with much more confidence, strength and endurance. I used to keep my wife on alert when I went on a long bike ride, just in case I needed to call her to pick me up with the car. I have experienced lying in the road not able to move for minutes and literally pedaling for miles with one leg because the other was locked in a cramp. No need to keep my wife on alert any more.

Not only can I better endure long bike rides, but I am riding much faster in bigger gears without fear of cramping up from a long hard effort. HOTSHOT is letting me get a lot more out of my cycling training. I am also feeling much fresher after a ride, and I feel like I am recovering faster from tough rides, which is letting me put more into my strength training sessions, as well. It used to be that a three-hour ride one day would compromise my ability to lift hard and heavy the next day. This is no longer an issue.

I am very interested in Neuro Muscular Performance as a new development in sport conditioning and motor learning. Besides HOTSHOT's obvious effect on cramping, it appears that HOTSHOT may also help maintain or enhance nervous system and muscle function. As a career teacher of sport, I am very curious to see if HOTSHOT or other products developed in the future will be able to enhance motor pattern learning. You definitely have my attention!

My strategy for long rides is to take one HOTSHOT just before I leave and have a bottle or two in my jersey pockets just in case. If I feel a twinge I drink another HOTSHOT and the cramps just don’t develop. HOTSHOT has allowed me to participate in club group rides again. Something I have not done since the 80’s for fear of holding a group up with a cramping episode. HOTSHOT has changed my life in this regard. I am even looking for a new bike as I have renewed enthusiasm for cycling!

I think my story is a bit different from most I have read so far. I am sure there are others like me, not training for triathlons or 100-mile trail runs, just trying to stay fit, but limited by cramping issues. I think the market for HOTSHOT could be bigger than you think. Thanks again to the developers of HOTSHOT.



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