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The Secret to Success: Evan Jagers Fuel, Gear and Goals for 2017


When you’re as active as Olympic Silver Medalist Evan Jager, many factors play an essential role in training for the competition. Read about how Jager fuels, gears up and stays focused to perform at an Olympic level.  

Music: What’s your go-to playlist – what do you listen to when you train?
I usually don’t listen to music when I train. I run with my teammates almost every single day so we usually just talk throughout our runs.

Nutrition: What are your go-to breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snack?
While I’m in a normal training routine, I will have yogurt with muesli, fruit and nuts with a coffee for breakfast. Lunch is usually two open-faced egg sandwiches with fruit and some kind of chips or crackers. And dinner is pretty much different everyday with a side salad most days.

Gear: What’s your favorite training gear and gadgets.
I just received the new Apple watch Nike+ and I haven’t gotten to use it very much yet but I’m pretty sure it is going to be my new favorite running “gadget.”

2017: What are your goals for 2017? What races do you plan on tackling? 
I would like to pick up right where I left off this past year and try to contend for the gold medal at the World Championships in London. I would also like some more chances to run some really fast times next year as this last year was basically only about doing well at the Olympics.



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