Running Marathons After Thyroid Cancer - Kim Cruz's Story

Running Marathons After Thyroid Cancer - Kim Cruz's Story

By: Kim Cruz

Here’s a story about me and how I fell in love with HOTSHOT.

My name is Kim Cruz, I am happily married 51-year-old, mother of two. I am a runner. I am also a thyroid cancer survivor. I beat my cancer by having my thyroid removed and had all remaining tissue killed off with radiation. I am lucky. However, the side effects of a non-existent thyroid are endless —fatigue, headache, body pain, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, numbness, and more. This is where HOTSHOT comes in. When I run there are many times when my fingers and toes go numb.

I fell into running by accident through my sister in law, who has run three marathons. She basically challenged me to run with her, and so I did. I ran my first NYRR Shape Half Marathon in New York at 46 years old, and suddenly, running became my passion. When I was challenged again to run the NYRR 2016 full marathon at age 50, the true training began – especially upon confronting the new distances, the “new wall” known as mile 14.

Prior to HOTSHOT, during my long training runs, I would suffer at the end. I couldn't feel me feet due to my thyroid. I drank Coconut Water, salt and Gatorade to stay hydrated, refuel with Gu, and Jelly beans, anything I could get my hand on. But nothing gave me the comfort that HOTSHOT has.

I’d like to say that I found HOTSHOT, but I truly think that HOTSHOT found me. While waiting for my sister-in-law at the NYC 2016 Marathon Expo, I saw two lovely ladies at the HOTSHOT booth. I turned and asked, "So what is this?" They explained HOTSHOT and give me a sample.  I told them this was my first marathon at 50, and they kindly gave me two more samples — these two bottles came with me for my first full marathon, and this is when my love affair began. 

I have since ran all the NYRR Half Marathons, the Diva Half Marathon in Long Island and Puerto Rico, the Celebrate Life Half Marathon for All Cancers, the Paris Marathon and will run the NYC 2017 Marathon later this year. I've been able to PR at every race, thankfully and recently came in first place for my age at a local 5K. I'm not the fastest, but my goal is to have the most fun and share HOTSHOT with any one that will listen.

The impact and pain that I endured throughout my journey almost made me give up on running completely. I am a true believer in HOTSHOT and wouldn’t be able to continue doing what I love without it.

My hope is to race the Marine Corp Marathon to honor my husband, who is Veteran, and to continue proving to my children and all those women and men over 50 that you are never to old to try something new!


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