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I’m an endurance runner, husband, father of six, and live in South Carolina. I started running in 2010 to lose weight and get in shape. I started out only able to run a few miles but the more I ran my body started changing, getting stronger and faster. By the end of the year, I was running my first half marathon.

In 2012, I met a guy who was a seasoned marathon and ultra runner. We started running and training together, and within a few months, I was signed up for my first ultra marathon. It was a 50K race. At that point, the longest distance I had run was only 20 miles. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I showed up for the 50K race, ran my hardest, hit walls, and just kept going. It was really difficult but when I finished I was hooked. When I got home, I started looking for my next race. Since then, I’ve run more than 40 ultra marathons.

This past year I didn’t start my race season until May due to an injury I was recovering from. From May to December, I ran a total of 11 ultra distances. It was a good year for me. I ran an unsupported solo 56-mile trail run, ran an all night 50-miler, placed third overall at a 50K race, and first overall at a 100-miler.

I feel this past year has been a very successful year of racing for me and I’m looking forward to 2017. One thing that seemed to be a game-changer was when I discovered HOTSHOT inside one of my monthly StrideBox deliveries. After reading more about it, I couldn’t wait to try it at one of my next races. It almost felt like cheating it worked so well. I was just wishing I would have had it four years ago when I started competing in ultra distance races.

Muscle cramps are a big challenge I have and it seems even more of an obstacle the longer the distance races. Late in a race they can really take me down, so I was glad when I found HOTSHOT to help me stop and even prevent muscle cramps. Now when cramps hit my calves or quads during a 50K or 50-mile race, I take a HOTSHOT and it’s amazing how quickly it starts working. It’s like a lightning bolt to my nervous system that attacks the cramps faster than anything I’ve tried before.

During a very challenging 36-mile mountain race this past year, I took some HOTSHOT during the last 10 miles. The cramping was getting very painful in my calves with each step, but once the HOTSHOT kicked in, it was almost like I had new legs. With over a 70% racer drop rate due to the difficulty of the elevation climbs, I was still able to crush through and finish in the top 10.

This year I have already run one marathon race with over ten ultra marathons on my race calendar. I’m expecting another fantastic year of running adventures!



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