Chris Wright Leadville Run and MTB

Preventing Cramps at Leadville 100 MTB & 100 Trail Run

The Leadville Series is a highly competitive endurance set of events, requiring strength, tenacity and ultimate drive to combat nature’s tough course. Athletes train for months, preparing their bodies by calculating their workouts, nutrition, and hydration and monitoring all intakes in order to maximize output. As ahead of the game as they may be at the starting line, one thing they can’t predict is the exact moment a muscle cramp will occur. Athlete Chris Wright, 44, did a doubleheader and raced Leadville 100 MTB and 100 Run, managing a PR for both with HOTSHOT helping him push through the final miles. Read about his experience covering 200 miles without the nuisance of cramps:

  1. When did you get into cycling/running and what got you interested in the Leadville series? My first Ultra race was when I moved to Colorado in 2009. After that race, I never looked back and have since completed five Leadville Trail 100 runs, the Western States 100, the Mark Twain 100 and the Run Rabbit Run 100. I wanted to start mountain biking to help with cross-training for the run, so I competed in the Leadville Leadman series, finishing in the top 20 in 2015 and 10th male in 2016.
  2. How have muscle cramps impacted your performance both in training and racing?  I always associated muscle cramps with the lack of salt intake, but knowing what I know now, I take HOTSHOT instead of taking salt tabs during training runs and races.
  3. How did HOTSHOT impact your race day?   I was a little reluctant to try HOTSHOT due to its spicy taste, so I tried it on a training run to make sure my stomach could handle it. At the 100 MTB race on August 13th, I started to cramp at mile 30 and drank a HOTSHOT to help relieve the pain. From there on out I consumed HOTSHOT whenever I felt the tightness coming on. Needless to say, I set a personal record from last years’ time and felt pretty good after the race with no cramping at all!
  4. What was it like to train for both Leadville MTB and Trail at the same time? How did HOTSHOT help the run?  Fast forward to the next weekend of the Leadville Trail 100 — same scenario. I started to feel tightness and cramping come on at mile 25-30, and drank HOTSHOT as needed, feeling no cramping and tightness whatsoever.
  5. Will you continue to train and race with HOTSHOT? I will not go another race without taking HOTSHOT and am a full believer it works! Knowing what I know about HOTSHOT, it will be a staple in my races.


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