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MTB Cyclist Glen Bruemmer: "HOTSHOT helped me to the finish line."

Earlier this summer, cyclist Glen Bruemmer conquered Leadville 100 MTB armed with months of training, proper nutrition, and his HOTSHOT. Read his story:

This was your third time doing Leadville. How and when did you got involved in MTB racing?
This year was the hardest as we moved from San Antonio to The Woodlands (Houston) last August and the training for this year just wasn’t the same as the Hill Country. I started doing Leadville because of the hype between David Wiens and Lance Armstrong and, of course, the movie, Race Across the Sky was a big motivator.

Do you have a history of muscle cramping while training and racing?
I cramp on the swim of almost every Ironman race I have done. Training in the heat of Houston has helped prepare me for preventing cramps along with the proper nutrition and planning.

When did you first start using HOTSHOT?
I took a HOTSHOT before I went on a 4-hour bike ride knowing I was going to push it that day. During the ride, I never cramped. I felt like they were about to happen, especially on the run, but they never did.  Needless to say, it was one and done and I felt ready for race day knowing I had HOTSHOT!

HOTSHOT was available on the course and at the most challenging stage, the Powerline at Leadville 100 MTB. How did it help you?
Leadville is a unique race in that it is a series of climbs and descents that just beats you up time after time, and that makes for a long day, especially if you don’t train in the altitude. From St. Kevin’s (the first climb), 1,800 athletes are set up for an immediate cramp because you go from waiting in the freezing cold to a fast descent to a steep climb and your lungs are in an immediate deficit with no turning back. I took HOTSHOT immediately after the first climb and then three more times during the race at the aid stations. I was so glad it was available — and cold! I only took HOTSHOT when the cramps were coming on or my hamstrings were going to lock up and I pedaled through it and the cramps backed off.

You are training for Ironman North Carolina on October 22. Will you use HOTSHOT to train for this race?
I am planning on pushing my limits with HOTSHOT and will experiment on dosages and when to take it. It’s hot in Houston so cramps will need to be controlled leading up to race day.

How else has HOTSHOT impacted your train and race performance?
HOTSHOT is still new to me, but not new enough to not trust it for Leadville. While I didn’t PR at Leadville, I know that HOTSHOT helped me to the finish line!



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