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Mothers Day 2017: Gear for Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day (yes, this Sunday). We know, you would never forget. The gift is wrapped and ready for delivery, right? Well, just humor us. If you’re shopping for a mom who’s all about that athlete life, we’ve tracked down some great gift ideas she’s bound to love! If you really do already have mom’s gift, we’re pretty sure you’ll love these for yourself, too.

  • If the shoe fits! – We know it’s a stereotype—women love shoes. But if she’s a runner, shoes are more than a love: they are an obsession. Check out these lightweight beauties from New Balance. They’ll help mom with her speed work or on those long training runs. Shoes are usually something you’ll want to pick for yourself, so check out your local running store and plan a shoe shopping day with mom—shoes and lunch? You really are the favorite child. 
  • Keeping track – Everyone is tracking everything these days which means companies are bringing their A game to get your attention. We love this TomTom Spark 3 fitness tracker. Not only does it store music and come with Bluetooth headphones (yes way), you can also plot your run before you head out and follow your course right there on the screen! This one is definitely a sport watch. If mom is looking for something trendier or doesn’t need the GPS/running features, there are some great jewelry-inspired gadgets that track heartrate, general activity, etc. Prices are all over the board, so there is bound to be one to suit your mom and your budget.
  • Be supportive – You only thought shoes were personal! Growing up, remember how mom always wanted to keep things in place? Well that hasn’t changed. This year, help out and pick up one of these great sports bras! Thankfully there are so many options now—from sizes, strap, colors, materials, price points, and I could go on but won’t. As with the shoes, if mom should be there for this purchase, consider a gift card and take her for a shop and brunch day. A new bra and a new memory with you? Priceless.
  • Leaving a legacy – If your mom doesn’t have a running or training journal yet, it’s time. And no, they are not one-size-fits-all. Her journal will be as unique as she is. Encourage her to track runs, jot down bits of inspiration, and be honest—if she felt like hell after the last hill on Saturday’s run, journal it. It will not only help her to make the most of her training and running, but years from now, you’ll have a priceless record of something so important your mom.
  • And wine. – Yes. And a bottle of wine. Because she raised you.

We hope this helps you show mom how much you love her and want her to keep doing what she loves! Of course, if muscle cramps stand between mom (or you) and the exercise she loves, don’t hesitate to stop here and pick up some HOTSHOT as well (get 50% a 6-pack here!). Keep track of what we’re up to—follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, enjoy the weekend and enjoy your mom or the special women in your life who fill up that spot. If you are a mom—Happy Mother’s Day. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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