Kend Dold at Loveland Pass

KEN DOLD: "With HOTSHOT I can Push Myself Harder Than I Have Before"

I first started endurance riding in my mid-20s. I was (and still am) a bicycle commuter and wanted to keep riding on the weekends. I rode some local centuries and joined a local club to do training rides. After several years, I noticed that I would start to cramp about three-quarters of the way through the longer century rides. As I started to investigate this, I read all kinds of materials talking mainly about a lack of electrolytes and a lack of fitness contributing to this. To try and resolve the cramping problem, I started experimenting with different drinks and electrolyte pills. I also started extending my training rides and adding interval sets to work on my fitness. However, none of this seemed to work and I actually started to accept the inevitable – I would cramp, I would have to get off the bike, and work out the kinks.

This year I signed up for my third Triple Bypass. It’s an annual bike tour in Colorado that climbs three mountain passes and climbs a little under 11,000 feet. The previous two times I cramped up in my quads at literally the same spot. Thinking about how much it hurt to cramp up, I Googled ‘muscle cramping cycling’ and saw a bold claim from HOTSHOT that they ‘uninvented muscle cramps.’ I clicked and read about how their product doesn’t use the electrolyte approach to solve the problem – they use a neurological approach. That sounded new to me and they also have a very reputable athlete, professional triathlete Craig Alexander, talking up the product. I liked the idea of this; and there was a special offer if I was a first-time buyer. I ordered a box of six and the delivery came when promised.

I brought HOTSHOT with me on the ride and, right before the magic cramping spot, I downed the HOTSHOT. No cramps, no tightness, not even the slightest discomfort. I kept riding, literally waiting for the cramps to kick in, and the cramps never came – wow! This is awesome! In the two previous rides, after the cramp would subside, I would experience soreness in the area for the rest of the ride and I would also limit my effort as to not bring the cramping back. Now I feel that this is no longer an issue and I can really push myself harder than I have before.

The next ride is more than likely the 2017 Copper Triangle. The Copper Triangle is another great Colorado ride that raises money for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s disease. Davis Phinney is a former professional cyclist and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s after his retirement. I’ve done three Copper Triangle rides and have again cramped up at about the three-quarter mark. I will most definitely bring HOTSHOT with me again.  I’m very pleased with the results and will be a loyal customer from here on out.



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