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By: Dr. Sam Mayhew

My name is Doctor Sam Mayhew, and I am an Elite Surf Ski paddler on the World Series Circuit. In 2015, in all my majority races I suffered from severe cramps in my feet (and once in my forearms), which on all occasions cost me from achieving the result I was capable of. Since then I have been on the hunt for a ‘cure’.

As a GP and Sports Medicine provider, I am aware of the evolving understanding and research with regards to cramps and neuromuscular fatigue. Throughout the past New Zealand summer I have been on a hunt to optimize what I could to prevent cramps.

Until HOTSHOT, I had no success.

Now since finding HOTSHOT, reading the science behind it, and putting it through the tests I believe it is the best solution to cramp there is.

This past weekend I completed in the NZ Championships and the first of the 2017 World Series, which served as my biggest test of HOTSHOT, slightly nervous about a potential cramp situation, but positive I was on to a winner with HOTSHOT.

On the morning of the race I took a HOTSHOT, and one hour into the race I took another HOTSHOT (approx. 15min prior to when I generally have started cramping). The conditions were horrendous, and the race took an extra hour long to complete, and yet, no cramping!

I plan to continue using this on regular occasions throughout my 2017 World Series Campaign, including the World Championships and beyond.

Along with that I have the Sports Team Doctor for 2 National teams and 2 provisional teams and have no problem in recommending HOTSHOT across all these platforms with my medical backing.

If you experience muscle cramps and haven’t tried HOTSHOT yet, you need too!



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