HOTSHOT at Tour de Big Bear

"HOTSHOT Was the Reason I Was Able to Complete Tour de Big Bear!"

“I did the 70 miler for Tour de Big Bear and fully expected to cramp. I took HOTSHOT at mile 47 and made it to the finish line cramp free!” - Mike Cuthbertson

53-year-old cyclist Mike Cuthbertson shares his HOTSHOT experience from Tour de Big Bear

I’ve been riding off and on since I was in college. In 2013, after being away from the bike for a number of years, my best friend reintroduced me back into cycling as a "deal" we had made. He donated to a Little League fundraiser, and in return, I rode the MS ride from Huntington Beach to San Diego.

Since that first ride back in the saddle, I have continued riding and now usually do about three to five organized events a year. Some of the rides I have done and still participate in are the MS150, Tour de Cure, Tour de OC, Tour of Palm Springs, Tour de Foothills, Plain Wrap Ride, RAT Beach Ride and I just completed by second Tour de Big Bear.

The first year that I did the Tour de Big Bear my friend and I rode the 50-mile course. This year, I rode alone and I did the 70-mile ride. I absolutely love it! This is the most scenic ride I've done. Due to the elevation, it’s also the most challenging.

When I’m training, I try to get in 100 miles a week, averaging 30 to 40 miles per ride. I’m a pretty big guy and I sweat a ton when I ride. Knowing this, I’m usually smart about hydrating and use a great hydration mix. Over the last few years, I started cramping pretty badly at the end of my longer routes so I would drink pickle juice.  The problem with the pickle juice was that I could only drink it after my rides. I tried carrying some with me during a ride, but once it warmed up, it wasn't pleasant to drink.

I fully expected to cramp during the Tour de Big Bear because I usually get leg cramps if I ride 40 miles or more. Pair the intense climbs in addition to the distance and you’ve got the perfect recipe for cramping. Luckily, I received a bottle of HOTSHOT in my rider bag.

I saved the HOTSHOT for later in my ride knowing that I usually cramp during the latter part of a ride or after my ride is done. I drank the bottle at mile 47 at the top of Onyx Summit. I was totally shocked and taken aback at the initial taste and feel I had.  I was glad that it didn't have a negative effect; and in no time, I was back on the road.

During the climb in the Moonridge area, I was hurting so bad and I was out of strength. I was sure that this is where I would cramp but I didn't. Two miles from the finish there were a couple of hills and I was certain that I would cramp — and again,  I didn't. I finished the ride without cramps, and assumed that within a half hour to an hour the cramps would come back on, but they didn't!

Overall, I didn't cramp during the ride or at the end of the ride or later that night -- or even the next day. This was completely out of character for me and it was awesome to experience a race without dealing with cramps. They hurt and always leave me feeling like I didn't do enough to prevent them prior to, during or after my rides.

Since I didn't do anything out of the ordinary at Tour de Big Bear, I am sure that taking HOTSHOT when I did was the reason that I was able to complete the last and most difficult part of my ride without a cramp.

Thank you very much for your research and product. I am a believer and fan and will continue using HOTSHOT! 

Mike Cuthbertson: Tour de Big Bear HOTSHOT testimonial


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