HOTSHOT: Reaching Optimal Performance at Leadville 100MTB

HOTSHOT: Reaching Optimal Performance at Leadville 100MTB

Marvin Sandoval was born and raised in beautiful Leadville, Colorado, where his love for hiking, skiing and staying active outdoors began. He is an athlete who continues to push the limits, and it all began with the Leadville Race Series. His degree in Exercise Science lends itself to the coach and athlete, whose accrued years of experience training for races, reaching unforeseen goals and motivating athletes. Here he shares how HOTSHOT has helped him continue to race throughout the year and perform beyond his expectations.

A turning point in my life was the Leadville Trail 100 MTB. I was at the finish line when an acquaintance of mine crossed and I thought, if he can do it, why can’t I? I signed up the next year, finishing with a strong sub 9-hour time. Two years later, I was dared to sign up for the LT 100 Run, so I decided that signing up for the Leadman series only made sense! I never saw myself as a mountain biker or a runner, so when I completed all of the races I truly understood that anyone could do more than they think they can.

I wanted to see what I was mentally and physically capable of doing. Last year, I finished the LT100 Run in 8th place overall and 2nd in my age group and took away the overall win for the Leadman competition. I knew I could do it, but to be honest, it surprised me when I did.

The Leadman series has been my passion and focus with additional races for training and fun. Throughout the year, I typically compete in 8 running races and 12 bike races. Most recently, I completed both the Leadville 50 MTB and Run, earning another Silver King title. Both of these races are another step in my training toward completing the Leadman series, so I don’t train specifically for them.

Both of these races are brutal, especially the MTB. I tend to get severe muscle cramps during the bike, which is frustrating since I never cramp during training rides. I used to experience muscle cramps frequently during other races, having to stop to calm the cramps, significantly impacting my performance. In addition to Herbalife 24 products, I am always looking for a solution to prevent the cramping in order to gain an edge toward my personal performance.

The first time I tried HOTSHOT was during the LT100 MTB. I took it at the start and at every aid station. I didn’t experience any muscle cramps throughout the entire race. I pushed myself, not worrying about the possibility of cramping and ending up with a PR for the race. The day was extremely hot and cramping was an issue for many other racers. I was thoroughly impressed that cramping was never an issue for me.

Helping others reach their full potential and goals is another passion of mine. Setting a goal and then truly going for it is very inspirational. I like providing relevant stories to drive the mindset shift in others—providing the idea that it can be done can become the driving force for hard work and determination to power through and keep moving forward.

I would definitely recommend HOTSHOT to other athletes. HOTSHOT works to prevent and stop cramping, something that has plagued many athletes and has become a limiting factor for them in reaching their optimal performance. Having a product that has been scientifically proven to treat and prevent cramping is exciting for the athletic community!

*Look for HOTSHOT this weekend at Leadville 100 MTB — we'll be at the EXPO, in all athlete bags and along the course at all aid stations.  


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