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HOTSHOT at the Ragnar Race Series

As any long-distance runner knows, the task of extreme distances, varied terrain and 24-hour racing can take a toll on the body. But it’s also a ton of fun. The Ragnar Race series is the perfect way to push your limits, conquer 200+ miles of road running on little amounts of sleep with friends and a community of runners by your side. HOTSHOT is proud to share that we’ll be available at many of 2017’s Ragnar events, helping athletes prevent and treat muscle cramps — which come with even higher risk at races such as these. Here’s a recap from Jay Gray, a Ragnar Trail Snowmass-CO athlete:

I struggle with cramps. The bastards have rained on the parade of several otherwise enjoyable races in my recent past. Earlier this month, I was running the Ragnar Trail Race in Snowmass, CO. I’d been looking forward to racing it for months, and had a blast running my first leg. However, I decided to lie down to rest before my night left — the hardest section — set to take place around 3:00 AM.

When I tried to get up, my left leg seriously cramped up and I was worried I might have to completely withdraw and let my team down. Luckily, I had a HOTSHOT on hand. After less than two minutes, my leg was completely cramp-free, and remained that way during the entire run. Count me in as a believer: I won’t be attending a race without HOTSHOT in tow.

Doing a Ragnar race this year? HOTSHOT is too. See our full list of events here


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