Jeff Gonzo during Spartan race

HOTSHOT at OCR: The True Test

By:  Jeff Anderer

I am so thankful I had HOTSHOT while racing Pennsylvania Citizens Bank Park Spartan Race. I took one to start the race, finishing in an hour and change. I was truly impressed! If this product was going help, this race was the true test.  In stadium races, you are running up and down stairs, carrying heavy things almost the entire time. I didn’t once feel cramps during the entire race. In the past, I would feel them in my quadriceps and I would push through, but it would still be painful. 

I made it through the race right until the end on the field when I had to do the rope climb. Thoughts crept in. I was exhausted. I should have trained better. That being said, I hit the rope and, as I started to climb, my calf caught a bad cramp. I stepped back and took out one of the HOTSHOT bottles and took the shot. I waited for a bit hoping the muscle wouldn’t cramp up. I tried again and the pain was too much. Now, if I anticipated potential issues I might’ve taken one as I was about halfway through. But the initial shot didn’t fix it. 

It was once I stopped the climb that I noticed the cramp totally went away.  In other cases, my muscle would completely lock up. With HOTSHOT, my muscle didn’t stay flexed.  I am very happy that HOTSHOT did all it said it would.  Now I just need to get familiar with how to use it best and at what time during the race to help get through it!

I can’t tell you how much of an edge you guys have given us in these races! HOTSHOT has truly been a game changer for me. You have definitely created a product that does what it says it will! Thank you for doing all the research you guys did to find out how to help! You got a HOTSHOT member for life. 


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