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Georg Ladek: "I push my body hard."

By : Georg Ladek

I’ve been an active athlete my whole life and am known to take everything to the extreme. From soccer to indoor cycling to yoga, I push my body hard.  I enjoyed my workouts so much that I started to teach indoor cycling and yoga as a hobby which then turned into a part time job. I now teach 16 classes a week and continue to play soccer on Sundays.

All that takes its toll on my legs. I often cramp during soccer which is very common among soccer players during the later stages of a game. The quick stops and sudden acceleration take their toll on calves and hamstrings. My massage therapist encouraged me to try HOTSHOT for cramping.

Every January, my soccer team heads to Vegas to play in a four to six game soccer tournament. Previous experience just about guaranteed cramping especially in later games. Instead of waiting to cramp, I drank HOTSHOT before each game to try it preventatively. For the first time in the seven years that I participated, I did not cramp up.

I also had some of my teammates try it and they had similar results.   NO cramping.  I would recommend this product to anyone that suffers from muscle cramping! 



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