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Cramp Free At Leadville: “I felt rejuvenated!”

She’s an athlete committed to pushing the limit. When 19–year-old Hayley Bates from Long Beach, CA isn’t hitting the books at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO, she’s devoting her time to cycling and alpine skiing. We recently caught up with the young athlete to hear about her passion for racing in the great outdoors and how HOTSHOT (originally codenamed #ITSTHENERVE) keeps her confidence high every time she clips in. Here’s her story: 

I grew up in an active household — playing soccer, surfing, horseback riding, rock climbing, running and more. However, my love for cycling began when I was 16 years old. My mom decided she wanted to do a cycling tour of Northern Italy for her birthday. I could either start training for it or not go. I started riding after school with my dad and have been hooked ever since. I have since completed the Tahoe 100k, Leadville and many races in between.

My love for cycling followed me to college. I now train for cross-country mountain biking and cyclocross around my school schedule, often getting up at 6 am to do the intervals my coach has given me on a trainer. I’m also a co-captain of the Colorado College Cycling team, a group of college students who love to ride or race. We have a wide range of experience among our members, including dedicated mountain and road racers. During the fall months, we spend six weekends traveling to different parts of the state to camp and race mountain bikes and during the spring we road race. I love it! Our team has sent riders to collegiate track and mountain nationals this year, with plans to attend road nationals, as well. It’s an exciting group to be a part of!

Back home in Long Beach, I am a part of the Velo Allegro road club. I began riding with them when I was 16 and have grown so much thanks to the fast, yet protective, guys in the group. They push each other, but look out for each other, as well. I enjoy traveling with them as the only kid to various centuries and getaway weekends. I owe a lot to this group of athletes!

I was first introduced to #ITSTHENERVE at the 2015 Leadville 100MTB. I was walking around with my parents, trying to distract myself from my nerves about the race. It was my dad who was first attracted to the booth. He and my mom have both done Leadville three times, and he always experienced horrible muscle cramps. So, he was concerned that I would pick up his high tendency to cramp. Prior to learning about #ITSTHENERVE, he was suggesting salt pills, mustard packets, and even salted plums! I’m so thankful I met #ITSTHENERVE and received samples for the race!

I took my first bottle at mile 70. I was fatigued and worried about cramping because I could feel that telltale twinge coming on in my muscles. I chugged my bottle and quickly bounced back. I felt rejuvenated! Even my parents noticed the difference when they met me at the next aid station. I never cramped and finished the race feeling great! Since Leadville, I have taken it before every race or hard ride. It gives me confidence knowing I can push myself without worrying about cramping. I look forward to continuing the cycling season! 

Hayley Bates - Leadville and HOTSHOT




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