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I discovered HOTSHOT online through various social media postings and did some research to find out more. After reading what HOTSHOT was apparently capable of, I decided to give it a try.

My name is John Taglieri and I’ve been a full-time musician for the last 17 years. I’ve travelled all around the world, and every nook and cranny of the US. I’ve released 14 CDs & EPs, had two hit the Billboard chart, reached No.1 on Amazon and had two top-sellers on iTunes. My stage shows are VERY energetic and athletic and I spend a lot of time airborne.

Growing up, I was a four-sport athlete, and had my fair share of injuries along the way, most being related to my right knee. I spent my 30s and early 40s using my knee as a convenient excuse to be lazy. Then, about five years ago, I’d had enough: I lost 50 pounds and started training for and running triathlons.

When I started doing triathlons, one of the most challenging things I found while transitioning from a former sprinter to a distance athlete was that I would get calf cramps and micro tears a lot. They really slowed me down and affected my ability to race. At the end of 2015, I finished the Key West Triathlon with a torn calf (and torn left bicep) and my doctor told me it was time to take some time to really let my body heal. After a few attempted restarts and a few more injuries (broken left foot, severely strained right patellar tendon), I was cleared on June 1st to get back to it, with my first race being Sunday, July 16th at the Falmouth Triathlon. I spent six weeks dropping 20 pounds (man, I miss pizza!) and trying to train all three facets of the race at once.

I’ll turn 50 in August, and I wanted this race to show that I still have gas left in the tank. I am excited to share that the race went GREAT! I’m not an elite…yet, but I’m working back. Knowing I had a short training window, I set two goals: No. 1, FINISH, and No. 2, do it in 90 minutes. I’m not competing against anyone else, or looking for the podium. I ended up finishing the race in 1:28, thankfully reaching both goals.

I drank a HOTSHOT at each transition of the race. For the first mile of the run, I felt my calves getting really tight and stopped twice to stretch them. Then, all of a sudden… nothing. No tightness. That’s when HOTSHOT kicked in. It was a great feeling. I never thought about them again. I was able to keep moving until I crossed the finish line.

Drinking HOTSHOT every time I train has made my biking and runs more efficient and has significantly impacted my pace. I am no longer experiencing calf issue — no cramps, no tears, no discomfort. It’s been great. Not only is HOTSHOT working for me physically, but it also has given me a mental edge. I have more confidence that I can work hard without getting hurt again. I am running stronger and more confidently. My bike portion has gotten faster, and I’m swimming better than ever.

Using HOTSHOT as part of my training regimen is affecting my entire body and performance, keeping my muscles loose and working strong. I’ve been using it before my runs on days I don’t feel at 100%, and also on days where I’m doing a brick workout: swimming or biking first. I’ve also used it a few times before my long bike rides to keep my legs in a good place. HOTSHOT is definitely part of my workout regimen now, and I see it being a steady part for a long time to come! Glad I found HOTSHOT and happy to be part of the team. 



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