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No More Cramps After 8 Years

Hiking, soccer, skiing, road biking. Matt Brown keeps up with what he refers to as the three pillars of physical, mental and spiritual development by pushing himself everyday. He finds daily physical activity as a way to reset and regain energy and vitality for the other areas of his life. His work with The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation involves many annual 50 – 100 mile rides, organized and participated by people who deeply care about the cause. Here he talks about how his rides not only help him give back, but allow him to continue fulfilling his three pillars of life.


Can you talk about your involvement with JDRF?

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is focused on a cure for diabetes. I bike ride regularly with other riders, some with and others without diabetes that focus on expanding an individual’s physical acumen and fundraising. The JDRF is an amazing organization that supports research for a cure while also supporting anyone who is involved with the group. Support would be an understatement. The JDRF is full of people who deeply care for anyone who has a goal for themselves that exceeds the organization itself.


Can you elaborate on your experiences with muscle cramps?

Over the past eight years, I’ve had excruciating cramps to the point where my legs can’t bend at the knee due to extreme cramps in the thighs, particularly my inner thigh. I spent years and a lot of money attempting to source a “cure” -- the doctors and remedies are very long. Some “helped” but did not completely stop the cramps in three to four hours of extensive exercise. I still use some excellent products that help with hydration, but they still did not completely halt the cramps. The only fully auto-stop cramping solution to date is the use of HOTSHOT.


Can you describe the first time you tried HOTSHOT and what felt different?

I first tried HOTSHOT on a 10.5 mile, 3,800-foot elevation gain hike (McClellan Butte). I consumed a bottle before I started and again halfway through when cramping started with immediate cessation of the cramping. I actually like the taste and “zing” it gives to your mouth. I generally isolate variables so I know which “thing” I’m trying works. In this case, HOTSHOT was the only thing I consumed that stopped the cramping right away. This is the same thing I do when trying solutions for blood sugar controls for diabetes. The results are remarkable immediately after using HOTSHOT and for hours afterwards. The second time I tried it was last week riding 44 miles with a friend. I used one before and post-ride with zero cramps – first time ever.


What’s next?

I am currently looking at expanding my mileage on bike from 50 to 100 miles. I’ll do this slowly. I find moderate increases are the best way to test and “watch” for results. And, ski season is around the corner for doing the same so I’m hopeful it will have the same benefits in all three activities I do weekly year-round. I am confident HOTSHOT will have a positive impact as I use it for these goals. What can I say: HOTSHOT is a little gem that works!



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