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The Boston Marathon: Carol Chaoui's Story

My name is Carol Chaoui, and I’ve been addicted to the runners’ high since I was 13 years old! Forty years later, I’m still hitting the pavement and continuing to look for ways to push myself — including the upcoming Boston Marathon. I ran my first marathon in 2004, and fell in love with the physical and mental challenge that comes with training and racing at that distance. I also have two Stage IV cancers — another challenge that gives me motivation to keep going.

I have long suffered from severe calf cramps while racing distances longer than 10k. In fact, at the 2006 Boston Marathon, I collapsed at mile 20 and was hospitalized for several hours. In the heat of the 2012 marathon, I had such severe calf cramps that I had to walk from mile 14 to 18. Talk about debilitating.

Over the years, I’ve tried salt tablets, pickle juice, and endurance beverages but nothing seemed to help. I read about #ITSTHENERVE in The Boston Globe last year and immediately contacted the team to share my story. Not only was I excited to receive samples to try on my runs, but I was, and continue to be, so impressed with the customer service.

I received my samples just in time for my 20-mile training race. I drank my first bottle of #ITSTHENERVE 30 minutes prior to the competition. I felt great and even ran negative splits! I felt a slight calf cramp coming on at mile 19, but it quickly went away. I did not have any calf cramping over the 20 hours following the race, which was typical in previous long runs or races.

I had my last long training run on March 26th and drank a bottle of #ITSTHENERVE before hitting the road, and a second one at mile 15. I felt great the entire run and did not suffer from any cramping whatsoever.

When you’re dealing with two Stage IV cancers, neuropathy and low blood counts from treatment, it is wonderful to have a product like #ITSTHENERVE. It’s a lot to balance. So, to be able to run without worrying about muscle cramps is a serious advantage for me.

Researchers are studying the effects of exercise on Stage IV cancer patients, hoping to find solid evidence that exercise helps improve quality of life and prognosis. I believe that I am living proof of that.

I look forward to running the 120th Boston Marathon on April 18th with #ITSTHENERVE in my fuel belt!



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