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By: Sep Rafiee, Head Physiotherapist Brisbane Roar Football Club.

The Australian A-League Soccer season spans right across the hot summer months.

Brisbane Roar Football Club trains and plays its home games in a sub-tropical environment which means high ambient temperatures accompanied by oppressively high humidity.

From November to February, the average temperature sits at a stifling 85° with an average relative humidity of 66%.  

Even with each athlete correctly fueled, dehydration and neuromuscular fatigue are a constant battle in this fast paced, frenetic league especially with this team favoring a rapid ‘high press’ style of play which requires frequent repetitive accelerations.

Muscular cramps can totally debilitate an otherwise fully fit athlete leaving them ineffective on the field of play. Having to explain this to the head coach can be an interesting challenge at times, especially should the cramps happen frequently.

After reading research on the benefits of pickle juice in treating muscular cramps, we had experimented with various combinations of pickle juice and apple cider vinegar mixtures over the last five seasons – with various results. This required most players forcing themselves to drink this pungent concoction. No one really looked forward to it.

We have now successfully trialed HOTSHOT over the past season, and witnessed the near complete cessation of cramps in ‘occasional’ crampers, and a significant decreasing frequency in the most severe habitual crampers. In fact, only one single cramp in a 24-week long regular season is a good result in anyone’s book. 

Combining cutting edge research findings in cramp etiology with an agreeable taste profile, HOTSHOT has managed to successfully provide a supplement to near on wipe out cramps, even in frequent severe crampers. All of this provided for each athlete in a convenient, palatable mixture which is easily ingested during the frenzy of a game.

Because of my first hand experience witnessing HOTSHOT’s incredible results in extremely testing conditions, I have no hesitation at all in recommending HOTSHOT as a vital weapon in combating cramps.




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