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What Types of Muscle Cramps Are Treated by HOTSHOT?

We couldn’t be more excited to tell you about our product—the first scientifically proven product to prevent and treat exercise associated muscle cramps. We tell the story through testimonials and case studies, editorials and whitepapers. But we’d like to give you more details on the science behind our product and how it works. Today, let’s take a look at cramps. What are they? Are all cramps created equal? Can HOTSHOT provide relief from all types of cramps?

First, a cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one more of your muscles. As benign as that sounds, cramps are also painful—sometimes, extremely painful. Second, according to Hanz Katzberg’s article, “Neurogenic Muscle Cramps”, published in the Journal of Neurology, there are many types of muscle cramps, but the two that afflict athletes the most are exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMCs) and nocturnal muscle cramps. EAMCs can last from several seconds to many minutes in duration and can occur during or even hours after strenuous activity has stopped. Most experts now agree that these cramps result from an over-excitement of nerves that control muscle contraction.

EAMCs occur in skeletal muscles—the voluntary muscles we use to move about, whether walking, lifting, or running a marathon. Think biceps, calf muscles, quads, etc. Knowing what causes EAMCs   and knowing they occur in the large muscles we use in strenuous activity, it also seems reasonable that the people most impacted by these cramps are athletes. When we think of athletes, we imagine people demanding every bit of strength their muscles can give. Whether professional or amateurs, athletes of all stripes and experience levels can fall victim to muscle cramps while training or competing. In fact, HOTSHOT was conceived by an athlete experiencing an exercise associated muscle cramp.

So, to recap–HOTSHOT is the first and only product scientifically proven to treat and prevent exercise related muscle cramps. It is not just what we do. It is part of our mission—to empower athletes to push themselves harder and go further with the confidence performing cramp-free delivers.

Tell us your cramp story below. How has cramping impacted your training or competition? What difference do you believe cramp-free performance would have on your finish times or the effort you can put into training? Join the conversation below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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