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The Nerve Is The Boss of The Muscle: Take Control With HOTSHOT

As an athlete, you are constantly attuned to what your body is telling you. From hydration levels to sleep quality, energy needs to muscle fatigue, you know your body and how to keep it operating at full capacity. Unfortunately, sometimes the body’s messages are unclear. This is often the case with muscle cramps—what is your body trying to tell you? Just as important: how should you respond? At HOTSHOT, we know exercise associated muscle cramps (EAMCs) result from hyper-excited motor neurons that cause painful involuntary contractions in the affected muscle. HOTSHOT is the first and only scientifically proven product to prevent and treat EAMCs. We want to give you some background on how your brain communicates with your muscles, what’s going on with these communications when EAMCs strike, and how HOTSHOT acts to prevent and treat EAMCs.

The lead actor in communication between your brain and your muscles is the neuron. Neurons convey messages back and forth between the central nervous system and the rest of the body. A neuron consists of a cell body with dendrites (branches that receive messages) and an axon—a long fiber that carries an electrical signal or “action potential” like a long cable to its target: the next neuron. This electrical signal is translated into a chemical signal at the synapse that releases neurotransmitters onto the next neuron. The process of one neuron sending a message to another neuron, which in turn receives the message, is called synaptic transmission. If you imagine the nervous system as many parallel chains connecting the brain and the body, the neurons are the actual links in these chains, allowing impulses or messages to flow to and from the brain.

Now, when EAMCs strike, the prime culprits are motor neurons, the neurons in charge of relaying messages between the spinal cord and the muscles. While factors like hydration, exertion, fatigue, etc., may vary, the active cause of EAMCs remains the same—hyperactive neurons sending erratic signals from the spinal cord (part of the central nervous system) to the affected muscles. Motor neurons are discharging in an uncontrolled fashion, producing chaos, and the muscle responds with painful and involuntary contractions.

So, what’s an athlete to do? In short: Calm the neurons.  After more than 5 years of intense experimentation, formulation, and reformulation, HOTSHOT is scientifically proven to do just that. The proprietary formulation of ingredients in HOTSHOT activates TRP channels in the mouth, esophagus and stomach. This controls your Neuro Muscular Performance, calming the hyperactive neurons causing the muscle cramp.

Do you have a cramp story to share? How has cramping slowed you down? How would training and competing cramp-free be a game-changer for you? Tell us in the comments below or leave us a comment when you follow us Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’ve heard enough and want to experience the difference for yourself, place your order here!



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