Are cramps a sign of injury?

Is a Muscle Cramp a Sign of Impending Muscle Injury?

By: Dr. Bob Murray, Managing Principal at Sports Science Insights and advisor to HOTSHOT

When a muscle cramps, is our body trying to send us a message such as, “Immediately stop exercise before you tear this muscle apart!”? Or are muscle cramps simply a periodic fault in the system, a temporary malfunction that has no evolutionary or protective significance?

What scientists are learning is that a muscle cramp is a temporary malfunction in the way nerves and muscles are designed to work. After all, from an evolutionary perspective, cramping to protect a damaged muscle would definitely not help us outrun a sharp-toothed predator.

It may well be that one of the many triggers for an exercise-associated muscle cramp (EAMC) is a muscle that has been recently damaged and is sending signals to nerves in the spine that contribute to the onset of a cramp. Motor nerves that control muscle contractions can be made hyperactive by a host of triggers such as muscle damage, dehydration, salt loss, overheating, and fatigue. Hyperactive motor nerves are the cause of EAMCs, while muscle damage/injury is just one of many triggers.

There is no doubt that a cramp is a sign of a failure in normal Neuro Muscular Performance, and for that reason, a cramp indicates that there is a problem that should be addressed. Perhaps you’ve gone out too hard or allowed yourself to become dehydrated and overheated or you’ve altered your gait or cadence or flexed your feet too hard during a swim or had your bike seat in a sub-optimal position. All of these factors can conspire to produce a debilitating cramp.

The proprietary organic spice extracts in HOTSHOT are known to stimulate TRP receptors in the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach to help calm the hyperactive motor nerves that cause cramping. HOTSHOT takes advantage of connections between the mouth, brain, and muscles to prevent and treat cramps by helping improve Neuro Muscular Performance.

Continue to train hard, rest appropriately, do all the right things with nutrition and hydration, and use HOTSHOT to help reduce the risk that an unexpected muscle cramp will end your day.



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