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5 Items To Buy on Every Grocery Store Run

So, you’re just running in to grab this or that. Great! We all have those unexpected trips to the grocery store for a specific item we forgot yesterday or we ran out of this morning. If we’re eating the way we should be though, chances are we’re also probably running low on a few of these items that are must-haves for your fridge and pantry at all times. Next time you stop in, make sure you’re grabbing some extras of these five power-packed foods.

  • Lean Proteins Not only do they keep you full and satiated for longer periods of time, but lean proteins are necessary to repairing and building lean muscle mass. Many athletes, especially runners, have taken up a vegetarian or vegan diet. Tofu, tempeh, and seitan are excellent plant-based proteins for the vegan and omnivore alike! Meaty lean proteins include fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs.
  • Berries and other fruits… and berries Delicious berries are a must have. They are sweet little balls of cancer-fighting antioxidants, GI-nourishing fiber, and a touch of natural sweetness that is great for anything from your salad at lunch to your oatmeal with breakfast. Grab some bananas for added potassium, and apples are the ultimate portable pre-run energy blast.
  • Nuts and seeds No, not the chocolate covered or honey-roasted offerings. Salted? Not those, either. Nuts and seeds are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and protein. They contain healthy fats and also a general helping of fiber. They are a great source of iron, making them an ideal additive for vegan or vegetarian athletes. Due to their fat and calorie content, moderation is advised.
  • Versatile, portable veggies Versatile? Portable? I know, it sounds more like a coat from J. Crew. But you know what we mean here—chopped broccoli, carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, squash chips, etc. You can use these to dip into delicious and nutritious hummus. You can stir fry them, steam them, or throw ‘em back solo! They’re easy to prep ahead of time and small enough to toss in a lunch bag and dash out the door.
  • Sensible sauces Yes, we love the purity of the unadorned steamed carrot as much as the next foodie, but sometimes we want a little kick! Part of keeping yourself happy in the vast offerings of healthy fare is to keep the flavors fresh and interesting. You don’t need sugary, processed sauces and marinades to do that! Find some great vinaigrettes, hot sauces, smoky Asian options, and experiment with adding fruit juices (or berries!) for a touch of sweetness when you want it.

Keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy, tasty options makes the job of staying on track much easier. What are your must-have grocery items? Which foods do you always—and we mean always—keep in stock? Tell us, and let us know why! Sign up and follow us below so you’ll always be in-the-know on all things #ITSTHENERVE.



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