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We’ve Left Our Codename #ITSTHENERVE Behind... you can push forward with HOTSHOT!

We began our journey to HOTSHOT understanding that muscle cramps were an unsolved problem impacting athletes of all levels and intensity — from ultra marathoners to IRONMAN competitors. They longed to medal, place first. Be unstoppable.

Over the past year, thousands of bottles of #ITSTHENERVE were sampled and put to the test by some of the country’s strongest, most ambitious endurance athletes: runners, swimmers and cyclists, football players, tennis pros and skiers. They are all driven by a passion for their sport, sacrificing their time to train and race, all while conditioning their bodies into well-oiled machines ready to take on the next event. For more than a year, our team was hard at work optimizing our product, formally codenamed #ITSTHENERVE. With the support of our beta testers (read their incredible stories here,) professional athletes and our team of scientists, we now have our final scientifically proven, kick-ass formulation: HOTSHOT!

Achieving goals is what drives endurance athletes daily to what others can’t possibly understand. HOTSHOT is a breakthrough. It’s a 1.7 oz sports shot with a kick that is scientifically proven to prevent and treats muscle cramps — making it a game-changer for the 17 million goal-driven endurance athletes who experience exercise-associated muscle cramps.

HOTSHOT opens the door to possibilities with its new category in sports nutrition – Neuro Muscular Performance – which is how an athlete's nerves and muscles work together in an optimal way. HOTSHOT is a proprietary blend of organic ingredients that allow you to train harder, push longer and finish stronger. #GIVEITASHOT — order now at!



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