Tennis Tips from the Pros

Tennis Tips from the Pros

In leiu of Wimbledon this week, we've collected the best tips from the tennis pros. 

Whether it is your first time picking up a racket or you consider yourself a local pro, tennis is one of those games that you can always improve on. So here are the recommendations from the best: 


  • Stick with one pattern of play - go with what you know and try not to get too fancy with your shots! 
  •  Slow down! Think about your shots and your moves before slamming the ball. 
  • Keep up with your nutrition and hydration throughout the match for optimal performance. 
  • Make sure you have equipment you feel comfortable and confident in. Ask for recs and test out different rackets. 
  • Exaggerate you follow through: after you hit the ball, follow the direction of the shot with your racket, and move your feet after. 
  • Get back into position right after you hit the ball! Instead of watching and waiting to see if it goes where you wanted it, recover quickly and get ready for your opponents shot. 

No time is too late to pick up a new hobby, but there's no better time than the summer when you can enjoy being outside with friends and family. We hope these tips help and can't wait to see your skills come to life! (Maybe in Wimbledon next year?!)


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