Summer Training: Everything You Need to Know To Be Prepared

Summer Training: Everything You Need to Know To Be Prepared

Mastering Summer Workouts: Your Comprehensive Guide to Training in the Heat

It’s (almost) officially summer, and you know what that means. Longer days, loads of sun, higher UV index, soaring temps … you get the point. You might be excited for the change of the season, especially if you prefer warm weather for training sessions. However, summer training presents distinct hurdles, notably the strain imposed by increased temperatures and intense sunlight. Heat-related ailments like cramps, exhaustion, and stroke loom as genuine threats when exercising in such conditions.

It's crucial to adopt additional measures to ensure not only progress but also safety during your workouts. So, we’ve come up with a list of recommendations to help equip you for summer training while safeguarding your well-being. 


Hydration: The Cornerstone of Summer Fitness 

In hot weather, hydration is crucial. Sip on water before and during your workout to regulate your body temperature and replace lost fluids from sweating. Forgetting to hydrate not only affects your performance but also increases the risk of heat-related problems. Keep a water bottle close and drink regularly, and consider electrolyte drinks for an extra hydration boost.

Avoid other heart-related problems like heat cramps with HOTSHOT. Muscle cramps are common among endurance athletes, and HOTSHOT can help prevent exercise-related cramping by targeting the neurological causes. Take HOTSHOT before your workout to prevent those dreaded heat cramps. This will ensure smoother training sessions without unexpected interruptions caused by the hot conditions.


Sun Protection: Safeguarding Your Skin Against Harmful Rays 

When you're working out in the summer sun, don't forget about those rays! Slap on some sweat-proof sunscreen with a high SPF to keep sunburn at bay, even if you're sweating buckets. And for extra protection, throw on some UV-blocking gear like hats and other specialized clothing. Dress for success!


Timing is Everything: Effective Strategies for Summer Training 

Ease into training in hot weather slowly so your body can get used to it. Don't push too hard at first because going all out increases your risk of getting dehydrated and worn out. Try to work out in the early morning or late evening when it's cooler to avoid the blazing midday sun and heat. This way, your workouts will be both effective and safe. 

Also, it’s important to time your HOTSHOT! Take HOTSHOT before your workout to prevent muscle cramping, and keep one on hand as a backup. 


Recognizing Limits: When to Pause and Pivot 

Remember to be smart when there's crazy weather out there. If it's too extreme, maybe it's time to skip the outdoor workout. Think about hitting the gym or using other indoor facilities. If that isn’t an option, taking a day off is always good for your body to recover and reset. Keep yourself safe from heat-related problems and keep your long-term fitness goals in mind.


Unlocking the Benefits: Performance Gains of Hot Weather Training 

Training in the heat might be tough, but it comes with some cool perks for athletes. Research shows that getting used to the heat not only boosts how well you do cardio but also increases your blood plasma volume. That's good news for your heart and how much oxygen you can take in. So, embrace the heat smartly—take advantage of its perks while being careful about the risks.


Summer training throws a mix of challenges and chances your way, so it's all about careful planning and smart moves. Focus on staying hydrated, shielding yourself from the sun, and getting used to the heat slowly but surely. To be extra prepared, make sure you have HOTSHOT nearby so you can handle whatever challenges the heat throws your way. Have a great summer!


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