Ready for a Strong 2017:  Pro Fullback James Develin

Ready for a Strong 2017: Pro Fullback James Develin

Football season is in the air in New England!  Pro fullback James Develin gave us a deep dive into his team’s historic championship game comeback, the birth of his second son, OTAs and prepping for the kickoff of the regular season.  Read on. 



What was it like to be a part of this historic comeback?  It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Super Bowl winning team last year. We had a group of guys that just went out and did their respective jobs week after week, through different adversities. I feel like our team really emulated what it means to be mentally tough all season and I think all that work really came to fruition in the second half of the Super Bowl. 

What was the mood of the team as they were rallying to come back?   There was just an overwhelming amount of pride and a 'never quit' attitude. We knew that we played pretty poorly in the first half of the game and we knew we had better play and more fight in us than what we showed. So simply put, we all knew we just had to go out and do our jobs to a better standard and things started to pick up momentum. 

What was your celebration like afterward?  The celebration was complete elation. I was in almost disbelief for a while that we pulled it off. I was just so proud of everyone on our team and everyone in the organization for the role they had in us winning that world championship. Once they opened up the field and I found my family, I was overjoyed to see my wife and son. It was my son’s first birthday as well so we had a little more than just a Super Bowl to celebrate! 

2016 AND 2017 SEASON 

What did you learn about yourself this past season playing the fullback position?  The biggest thing I learned from last season isn't so much personal as it was about the whole team. Like I mentioned before, I think our team as a whole really proved their mental toughness all year. So, I feel like I really learned what it is to be mentally tough. To put aside all the negative situations, all the doubt, all the excuses, and just go out and work and put yourself and your team in the best position to succeed. According to our team, "mental toughness is doing what's best for the team, when everything isn't perfect for you."

Re-signing with your team:  How exciting was it?  I was extremely excited to re-sign with the Patriots. I knew I wanted to be in New England and when I found that the feeling was mutual, I pressed to get things done as quickly as possible. The culture we have in New England is special, and I cherish the opportunity to come to work here every day. It's a blessing to be a part of a great organization such as this and one that I want to hold on to for as long as possible. 

Expectations are always high with this team.  Going into a season as a defending champion, what kind of pressure is there to do it again this year?  In football you have to have a short memory. And that's exactly how we're treating our situation. As soon as one season ends, you set your sights on the next season with little to no memory of your past. It doesn't really matter what we've done in the past; what matters is what we do now as a team and what we make of the opportunities presented to us in the future. We appreciate and learn from the past but we know that past is there for a reason. We'll learn from it and move on. 


How is it going? What is your regimen? How is it different from last year?  Offseason training has been going really well so far. OTAs just started a few days ago, so it feels good to be back playing some ball and competing again. Before that, we were training together as a team for the five weeks. A lot of speed/positional agility/conditioning work and a lot of work in the weight room. This is a great time of year to not only build our team physically but also build the bond between us as teammates. So, the competition and banter is really high all the time, and it makes for a really good time. 

Did you give your body a break between the championship game and starting up again?  I gave myself a week completely off from training after the Super Bowl. However, I was moving and trying to help my wife get things ready for our new baby, so it was a lot of work in its own right. After that I started training again, I got in the boxing gym a few times. Then, after about 2 1/2 weeks, my family moved back home to Pennsylvania and I really got after it. It's always hard for me, as I'm sure it is with anyone who trains constantly, to really just stop training. I always get in my own head and start to doubt that I need a break and try to find excuses to start training again. 


A lot of the public got to know you last year. Have you noticed that you are recognized more places you go?  Haha, no. Football is kinda nice that way because it's a helmet sport so people often don't really get to know the face behind the facemask. However I prefer it that way... I don't play for any type of fame or fortune; I just play because I truly love the game and its what I love to do. 


When people ask you what HOTSHOT is all about what do you like to say?   That it's the 'Sports shot with a kick' of course! Haha, really I say it's all about regulating the nerves in your muscles to alleviate cramps and extreme muscle fatigue. It'll make you feel fresh and ready for action. Or you can take it to cool down and get your muscles prepped for the recovery process. Take it whenever, however you want... all I know is it'll make you feel better than you did before! 

Some of your teammates use it, what do they like it for? How do they use it?  Everyone who's come to taking HOTSHOT regularly really enjoys the way their body feels after taking it. Most guys take it before practices or games and they feel it primes their body for extreme competition. A few guys with extreme cramp problems in the past take it specifically to counteract those issues. And there are a few guys who, like me, will take it before and after competition. Like I said before, I feel it primes my body for extreme activity as well as it does for recovery. It's a greatly versatile product and can be and is used in a variety of ways. 


Your wife gave birth to your second son last month. What are your hopes for your sons?  Oh man, I have so many hopes for my sons. I want them to be respectful, honest. I want them to love and protect their mother for what she's done for them. But most of all, I just wish that they be good, genuine people who will give back to this world as much as they take from it. 



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