One year of muscle soreness relief!

One year of muscle soreness relief!

We have made it! The first big anniversary. We have officially reached one year of our newest shot, HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness, being on the market and helping athletes and do-ers at all levels get rid of muscle soreness, one supplement at a time.


In honor of one year of relief, we are celebrating the milestone the traditional way: a paper back gift by offering 25% off any pack size of HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness. That is our way of saying simply, thank you for the support.


We also want to pay ode to the new shot on this day by highlighting some of the benefits we’ve heard from athletes around the country, and how it has helped them with muscle soreness after their workout.

“In this case, this version relieves muscle pain, I use it to recover high-intensity training or competitions that leave the body in pain. Relief is almost immediate creating next level performance for any extreme activity athlete. I also usually apply it as a pre-training for demanding competitions”


“Natural product with immediate action, with a flavor that raises the focus”


“With proper training and hydration, using Team Hot Shot to stop Muscle cramps and Crush Muscle Soreness, my recovery time was less than 8 hours as I went on the day and weekend without honestly any kind of muscle soreness. Will continue to support Team Hot Shot”


We love hearing what you think of the new shot designed for recovery!

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