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It’s really hard for me to remember not running. I have been running since I was in middle school doing summer track and cross-country. I am now 40 years old and still have to take that deep breath every single time I start running because I absolutely LOVE it.

I am married and have two girls; the youngest is a swimmer and the oldest likes to run. My wife is a professional triathlete and a pro stepmother, as well. She inspires me to train harder mainly because I can’t keep up with her at all anymore. I am also a full-time paramedic, firefighter and rescue diver.

I have completed more than 100 full marathons and an unknown number of half-marathons, as well. I have competed in 15 IRONMAN 70.3 races and seven full IRONMAN events. For the most part, these races have been injury free and with a successful pace.

My new passion in life is trail running, and I am currently training for a 100K race in Nepal in October. It will be the most challenging event I have ever attempted.

I have had issues with several things over the years that have put an occasional halt in my training and racing. One of those is cramping. I could predict to the exact second when the cramps would start: “mile-12 madness.” It happened every single time no matter what I did to try to prevent them until one day when my friend Doctor Jeffrey Gladden said, “Hey Lewis, I have some test stuff for cramping I’d like you to try out called #ITSTHENERVE (HOTSHOT’s beta product.) From that moment on, there no longer was the dreaded “mile-12 madness.”

HOTSHOT has been a key ingredient to my training and endurance racing since the beginning of its existence. I’m not a spicy fan, but I soon realized that the flavor and impact was awesome. Most of all, HOTSHOT really works.

I have used HOTSHOT in both marathons and IRONMAN events. I no longer get the mile-12 massive calve cramp or twitching forearms. I have tried electrolytes and hydration strategies and nothing has ever worked. Now all I have to pray for is that I am able to get it through customs and into Nepal.

I hope that everyone who tries HOTSHOT has the same results that I do!


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