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School has started, summer travels are done, and autumn is quickly approaching. For some of you, that means flannel, fleece, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice everything. At HOTSHOT, autumn means one thing—it’s almost time for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI! That’s right—IRONMAN’s pinnacle event is October 14. HOTSHOT, the official muscle cramp product of the IRONMAN US Series, will be there for all the excitement!

This year is the 39th year that IRONMAN athletes have gathered in Hawaii to push themselves to the limits and prove the IRONMAN ideal that anything is possible. At HOTSHOT, our goal is to make sure these athletes who’ve trained so hard to realize their dreams aren’t sidelined by muscle cramps. We’ll be in every athlete bag and available at the event expo/store all week.

This remains one of our favorite events, year after year. The landscape, the athletes, the excitement and possibility everywhere you look—what’s not to love? For some of these athletes, this will be a bucket-list event. Reaching Kona and the opportunity to race are already notches in the win column. For others, this is about the podium. Anything less than a winning finish means something didn’t go according to plan.

To the racers—wherever you are on the spectrum, from “Just happy to be here!” or swimming with your winner’s speech in your waterproof pouch, HOTSHOT is in your corner. Muscle cramps can impact any athlete. It doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t train or diet or hydrate properly. Cramps hit novices just getting into the sport and world champions alike. HOTSHOT is the only product scientifically proven to treat and prevent muscle cramps. As with any other product you may add to your routine, don’t wait until race week. If cramps are or have been a problem for you in the past, start training with HOTSHOT now to see what cramp-free performance feels like.

To spectators and friends—spread the word! If you know someone who’ll be racing in Kona and suffers from muscle cramps, let them know there’s a product proven to help. Every race is better when every racer is at his or her best.

We are looking forward to a race to remember and can’t wait to see everyone at Kona. If you’re ready to train and race cramp free, pick up HOTSHOT today. And let’s not wait until Kona—let’s hang out now! We’re always around, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We love talking all things endurance, training, and cramp crushing.



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