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Ironman 70.3 California, April 2, 2016

Will you be running, swimming, and biking in Ironman 70.3 California this year? Well, we’ll be there, too! As excited as we are about the beautiful Oceanside, California weather, what we really want is to hear your story. We will be on site with samples to help you complete the race without muscle cramps slowing you down. Please, stop by and tell us how cramps have impacted your training and previous competitions. We will have helpful advice on how #ITSTHENERVE can work for you. Before race day, though, we’ve got some tips on how you can act now to make the most of your Ironman experience.

  • Prep for the swim – Past Ironman competitors seem to agree, the swim is the biggest challenge facing you on race day. This is especially true if swimming is not your sport. If you don’t have a natural body of water to train in (it is March, after all), find a local indoor pool at a health club or gym. Don’t rely on past success or swimming prowess to power you through.
  • Practice your transitions – Slipping on and off a pair of shoes or toting a bike out in the crowd may seem simple enough. Isn’t it always those things that seem “simple enough” that bog us down on race day? So, after a swim practice, jump out of the water and to your gear to transition as quickly as you can. Memorize the method that saves you time. Do the same at the end of a bike training ride—run from your bike to your running shoes and transition with quickness.
  • Know the course – If you live close enough, visit the course. If not, read the details, using some online street-view sites. Read reviews from past racers, and reach out in your network to learn about the area.
  • Remember the basics – As with any competition, avoid new foods in the days leading up to race day. Don’t bring new equipment to the race—train with the equipment you’ll use on the course. Make sure you get plenty of rest in the nights leading up the race. The day before, take it easy and save up those reserves. Make sure you get plenty of nutrition in reasonable portions. Relax and get ready!

We can’t wait to cheer you on in sunny California and to hear how #ITSTHENERVE changes race day for you. Don’t forget to stop by and let us know how cramping impacts your training regimen. We’d love to talk with you about how #ITSTHENERVE can help you see more finish lines and fewer sidelines. Join the conversation below, and we’ll see you in Oceanside!



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