Karen Blamick during race


By: Karen Blamick

I’m an avid age-grouper in triathlon who absolutely loves the sport. I started at the bottom of my age group and learned quickly that what I lacked in natural talent, I made up for in my ability to push my body to the absolute limit. Every race was a bigger effort. Then, I jumped to long-distance racing. That is where I discovered you pay the price if you are not fueling and hydrating your body properly. I invariably would find myself in the medic tent after the race due to severe cramping. So, I became a student of the sport, learning about nutrition and hydration and how they are just as important as logging all those training hours.

After countless methods to cure the cramping (extensive physicals, blood work, a variety of pill cocktails of mixing up sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, as well as changing up nutrition plans during the race, regular massages and revamping my daily diet) I became incredibly frustrated at not being able to solve the mystery of the cramping. My racing was improving but the cramping wasn’t.

Then HOTSHOT came along. As soon as I read the studies, I knew it was different. The science behind this product is proven and real. HOTSHOT truly is a game-changer for anyone that goes deep and expects their body to respond. With HOTSHOT my cramps have disappeared and I finally believe I am racing to my abilities. It is the first item I place in my tri-bag when I pack for a race!

Thank you HOTSHOT for providing me with a product to push the limits and continue to chase my dreams!






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