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HOTSHOT "The Miracle That Could Help Push my Body Even More."

By: Allan Axelsen

My first reaction when trying HOTSHOT was, “Wow, this really works!”

I am an age-group triathlete training for the 70.3 European Championships in Elsinore, Denmark in June. I am also doing a full distance IRONMAN in Copenhagen in August. These are my two main goals for 2017, with some shorter races in between.

After dealing with cramps for many years and having tried several methods and products such as massage, magnesium pills and a change in diet, I finally had the chance to try HOTSHOT. I wondered if this would be the miracle that could help push my body even more and make it possible to go all out on race day without getting cramps.

I first tried HOTSHOT on some long training sessions during the cold winter months. I deliberately pushed my body to the point where I fully cramped up. Within minutes, I was able to perform at a higher level, without cramping up. After several hours of training, not only did I finish with a huge smile, but also no cramps whatsoever.

I am quite confident that with the help of HOTSHOT I will have a successful summer race season. I cannot wait to compete in my first international race in June, HOTSHOT in hand!



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