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HOTSHOT and Crowie Alexander at Boulder 70.3

Five-time World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander will be making an appearance at the EXPO on Thursday, June 9th during HOTSHOT’s launch event at Boulder 70.3 this weekend. The triathlete, who is experiencing one of the most successful seasons of his career with four consecutive wins spanning Australia, Malaysia, and beyond, keeps his races cramp free with HOTSHOT. Learn more about Crowie, and hear what he has to say about training for IRONMAN, how to conquer obstacles and why he trusts HOTSHOT to keep cramps – and limitations – out of the picture.

What are some of the common roadblocks you face while training and racing in IRONMAN?
There are many obstacles you face while training for and racing in an ironman. During the build up, the key is always consistency in training. Doing the right kind of training in the right amount and at the right time. Anything that undermines this, such as injury or illness, is a huge obstacle. Maintaining mental strength and motivation throughout the lead up and the race itself can be challenging for some people. And of course, anything that is a performance limiter, such as an incorrect nutrition strategy or cramping, also presents unique challenges.

Which points of a race do you usually experience muscle cramps? How has HOTSHOT worked for you?
I haven't experienced too many cramps in races during my career. When I have, it has usually been late in the run although I have suffered cramps a couple of times in the swim. I have used HOTSHOT predominantly in training - always before the harder, more intense sessions and also before the last session of a long training day. I feel HOTSHOT has really enhanced the performance of my key, intensity sessions.

What’s a key piece of advice for someone training for his or her first IRONMAN?
A key piece of advice for someone preparing for his or her first IM is just to focus on training consistently. Consistent training over a period of time is how you build great strength and fitness. Also, I would encourage all athletes, from first-timers through to the more experienced, to always work on core strength and stability. Good performance in any event that goes for a long period of time is based on efficiency of movement and maintaining proper technique.

Swim, bike, run… which part is your favorite?
I think the thing I love about triathlon is combining the three disciplines of swim/bike/run. It can be challenging but the variety in training keeps things interesting. There is no doubt I go through phases where I enjoy training one discipline more than the others but this is always changing. I just really love the challenge of always trying to improve in all three.

What’s the first thing you do once you finish an IRONMAN? Do you treat yourself? What do you eat?!
The first thing I did after finishing an IM was go to the medical recovery area if need be and then to Doping Control. I was always very thirsty and after eating sweet fuels all day throughout the race, craving something savory. Pizza and beer was usually on the menu for me.

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