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Get ready for National iPod Day on October 23!

Next Monday, October 23rd, is National iPod day! That little music player that showed up in 2001 completely revolutionized the media landscape. It’s hard to remember how we consumed music before the iPod. I mean, of course we remember, but for over 16 years now, we haven’t needed CDs or records to enjoy our favorite tunes. Beyond that, though, a new medium was made possible: the podcast. Think on-demand radio shows. The topics include almost anything you can think of, from children’s books and cooking to sports and personal development. Some are series that tell a story or dig into a topic over time. Others are episodes, like a talk show, where you don’t need to listen to episode 4 to fully enjoy episode 22. In celebration of iPod day, we’ve scoured the internet and found these five podcasts we believe can help you be the athlete you want to be (and hopefully entertain you in the process):


  • Run to the Top—This program digs deeply into running in every aspect. It tends to be pretty serious and loaded with information from speed and training tips to inside stories on the business side of the running industry. The host, Sinead Haughey, speaks with runners, researchers, product manufacturers, and every stakeholder in between. If you want the inside track on the top trends and tips in running, this is for you.
  • com—Host Eric Schranz digs into the fun and training of ultra runs. This podcast is time-tested, sharing wit and wisdom since 2009 to help runners push on to the next great challenge. Schranz talks to great athletes—including HOTSHOT runner Clare Gallagher—and amazing trainers, such as Eric Orton. His style is approachable and engaging and his guests are all eager to share the tips and mental tricks that help them get to the top of their game.
  • The Fat Black – All things triathlon. Host Kristian Manietta sums up his approach to training and competing succinctly: #allergictoaverage. He shares his own experiences from coaching, discussions with triathletes, and tips from a wide range of topics that will help athletes make marginal gains toward their goals. A recent episode started with a discussion of homemade energy drinks for race day versus the gels all over the market. He speaks with champion athletes, coaches, and trendsetters. This podcast helps you dig deeper and train smarter for your triathlon.
  • TriSwimCoach—We’ve discussed many times that swimming is often intimidating for many athletes. In this podcast, host Kevin Koskella dispels some of that fear and trepidation. He gives practical tips on getting started and shares insight gained in 27 years of swimming and coaching that can help swimmers and triathletes take their water game to the next level. His focus is broad and relatable enough to help athletes at any level get in the water and excel.
  • The Rich Roll Podcast—Rich has an amazing story on his own: an elite college athlete who lost it all to addiction, but overcame adversity to become a leader in plant-based nutrition and athletic performance. He speaks with some of the highest achievers in sports today, including HOTSHOT athlete Shalane Flanagan and her cookbook coauthor Elyse Kopecky. His focus is varied but all geared toward performance. Nutrition, training tips, mental focus, and goal achievement are themes you’ll hear on virtually every episode.


These are just a few of our favorites. You’ll find dozens of podcasts on any given topic. Do you already have a podcast you love? Have the tips and insight changed how you approach your sport? Share your story and your favorite podcasts with us. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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