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Fuel Like A Pro: Triathlete Tim Reed

IRONMAN 70.3 Champion Tim Reed practices diligence with his training and race regimen — a foundation that provides for sustained success. Among his trusted training tactics, Tim is extremely committed to a clean eating plan. Take a look at how this pro athlete fuels his daily workouts: 

  1. What is the number one food that is always in your kitchen? Hands down, it’s anything that we’ve grown in our garden or fish that I’ve caught. Taste is irrelevant to me and there is something very satisfying in eating fresh food you’ve collected, caught or grown on your own.  
  2. What is your go-to breakfast?   4-6 egg omelette with veggies and cheese.
  3. What is your go-to lunch? Yogurt, berries and nuts. 
  4. What is your go-to dinner: Veggies, and where possible, a sustainably-sourced local meat source. 
  5. How do you fuel for a big workout? It depends on how hard the session is. Typical sports nutrition for race-specific sessions and real food for easier intensity sessions. 
  6. What is your guilty treat?  Potato crisps!
  7. One thing ALWAYS in your fridge is: Cheese and beer. 
  8. #1 Cheat meal is: Don’t have one!
  9. Any go-to homemade recipes? Slow-cooker fave!  Gently cook diced onion, garlic, carrot, celery until soft. Remove from pan. Whack a whole chicken in and brown each side. Add veggies back in. Pour bone broth or stock over chicken seasoned with salt and pepper. Then put the heat on low and leave for about eight hours. Five minutes before serving, add in additional veggies.  Ready to go when you get back from a big day of training! 



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