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Endurance Sports Records

When it comes to record-holders for strength and sports, there are some interesting champs out there. And while we are amazed by athletes everyday—from the pros to the guy who passes our stoop every day, rain or shine—we want to see who’s at the top of the endurance world. So, we did a little searching and found these amazing athletes and the insane records they hold:

  • Zach Bitter – Zach is the American record holder for fastest 100-mile run. He averaged (get ready) 7:01 per mile… for 100 miles. A coach and constant endurance racer, Bitter was up against a pretty intimidating record to beat—the one he set himself a few years earlier. That’s right, Bitter ran 100 miles in 11:40:55 and beat his previous American record of 11:47:21. Stay tuned—he just might one-up himself again!
  • Oleg Kharitonov – The world record holder for the 100-mile run clocked in at an astonishing 11:28:03. Oleg set this record almost 15 years ago in a race commemorating the previous world record’s 25th I guess there is no better way to celebrate amazing feats of strength and endurance than to keep pushing the envelope!
  • Mami Kudo – Most of us can’t imagine running 100 miles, no longer how long we had to finish. Mami Kudo? She flips the script and packs the miles into the minutes. Yes, she currently holds the female record for 24-hour road and 24-hour track races at 158.092 miles and 156.713 miles respectively. What’s next, a 48-hour race? About that—she holds that record too at 229.091 miles.
  • Dean Karnazes – The topic of some controversy over the years, Dean currently holds the record for the longest distance run without stopping. In October, 2005, he ran 350 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes. No sleeping. He did have several shoe changes, but didn’t sleep a bit in the 3+ day endeavor. The next year, he famously ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. For that, thank goodness, he did sleep all 50 nights.
  • Kim Allan – Dean is not the lone sleepless runner. Kim Allan put away 310 miles, with no sleep, in 86:11:09 back in 2013. She battled some digestive issues and blisters over the nearly 4-day feat. She beat the previous women’s record set when Pam Reed ran 301 miles in 2005. Allan’s supporters didn’t tell her when she beat the record, though, out of fear it would encourage her stop short of her 310-mile goal.

Amazing. Unbelievable. But these amazing athletes have at least one thing in common—they set a goal and they did what it took to achieve that goal. Zach Bitter set a record. He didn’t stop—he kept training and working and set a new one. Kim Allan’s team cut away portions of her shoe to accommodate the blistering and swelling she endured. But, she endured. Let these records inspire you to reach your goals. Whether it’s to start running, train for a new event, or set a world record, commitment and determination are what will get you there. Stay motivated with us and the amazing athletes and stories we feature. We’re wherever you are—Facebook. Twitter, and Instagram. While you’re setting those goals and planning how you’ll succeed, don’t let cramps slow you down. We’ve got you covered. Pick up your order of HOTSHOT, the only product scientifically prove to prevent and treat muscle cramps, right here.

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