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The Endurance Athlete’s Bucket List

Every athlete has that race—the must-race race. For most of us, though, there are dozens of races we can’t wait to conquor. At HOTSHOT, our list is huge and seems to get longer each race season. Below are some our favorites, including a few we’ll attend this year!

Leadville Series Races

Is there any other series in endurance sports with the history, nostalgia, and grit of the Leadville series? The Colorado Mountains are enough to take your breath away.  If they don’t do the trick, the grueling, high-altitude running and mountain bike races surely will!

This year, HOTSHOT is lucky enough to be at several events in the Leadville series. We’ll be at aid stations and in athlete bags at the Silver Rush 50. At the Leadville Trail 100 MTB, we’ll be at aid stations, in athlete bags, at the Expo, and have a tent set up at the top of Powerline. We’ll also be speaking and giving away product to all attendees at the Camp of Champions. We’ll see you there!

Racing the Planet

Most racers add events to their bucket list because of the reputation of the course, the history of the race, etc. We add this one for the opposite reason—not only does the course change every year, the climate, terrain, and host country change as well! From the creators of the 4 Desert Race Series, the Roving Race has taken place in the Outback of Australia, the Himalayas of Nepal, lava fields in Iceland, and the rice terraces of Vietnam. We can run this race every year and never take it off our list!

Ironman Mont-Tremblant

A world-renowned ski village, Mont-Tremblant is the ideal location for the spectator-heavy Iron Man competition. Lac Tremblant is still warm in August and provides a great start to this intense event.

The cycling and running legs of the race take competitors through lush forest areas and across the ups and downs of the areas low-lying mountains. While this race itself makes our list, it is also a qualifying race to another competition we have our sights on.

Ironman World Championship, Kona

What better way to experience Hawaii than swimming, biking, and running a combined 140.6 miles around the Kona lava fields on Hawaii’s big island! This race will bring together 2,000 of Ironman’s finest as they compete for the most coveted prize in triathlon racing.

A rough water swim, 45 mph winds, and 95+ degree temperatures will offer just the challenge these racers are looking for. We are psyched for this race! That’s right, HOTSHOT will be there, too!

Whether it is one of these races or one of the thousands of other challenging events around the world, take HOTSHOT with you and leave muscle cramps behind. Let us help you reach the finish line with a new personal record or a spot on the podium!

Tell us what races show up on your bucket list! What draws you to the races on your list?

  • The challenging course?
  • Amazing scenery?
  • Beating your previous time?

Tell us about your list. While you do, let us know how muscle cramps have held you back and how racing cramp-free with HOTSHOT is a game-changer for you! Also, to see where we’ll be next and see how HOTSHOT is changing race day for athletes across the country, make sure you check us out and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re ready to leave cramps behind, pick up your order of HOTSHOT here!



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