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Earth Day 2017: Best Races in the World

Climate change, recycling, deforestation, and wildlife preservation. These are the headlines we associate with Earth Day. They are certainly worthy topics that command attention. But there is another reason we celebrate Earth Day—simply to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us every day. What’s better? To enjoy the visual feast of nature doing what we love—racing! To celebrate Earth Day, make plans to join in one of these races that will take your breath away in more ways than one:

  • Big Sur International Marathon – Whether it’s their first or 45th marathon, runners seem to agree there are few races more beautiful than this eye-pleaser. Running along the Pacific Coast Highway in this challenging and scenic race, runners get fresh strawberries, seals barking their cheers, a piano serenade, and views that make the numerous hills more than worth the struggle.
  • Great Ocean Road Marathon – If scenery and adventure are calling your name, this may be the race for you. The Run Festival includes something for everyone—from a walking event and 1.5k for the kids to a 60k ultra-marathon. The race never ventures from the coastline and provides a constant supply of nature’s beauty to refuel your tank.
  • Great Wall Marathon – If running a coastline isn’t your thing, maybe running along China’s Great Wall will be? The race cuts through beautiful countryside, villages with cheering residents, and includes ridiculous elevation climbs, and lots of stairs. If the stunning views don’t win you over, just imagine how fun it will be telling friends you raced on the Great Wall. You’re signing up right now, aren’t you?
  • Jungfrau Marathon – Okay, so you want the scenery, the inclines, but not ocean and no stairs. Then, head to Switzerland this September to run in the Swiss Alps! This course comes complete with breathtaking views and, after the deceivingly level first half, a nearly constant uphill climb for the last half of the race. Those mountains, though.
  • Reykjavik Marathon – Shorelines, mountain views, crisp air—it has something for everyone (except the three of you excited about the stairs). Iceland’s premier running event is for athletes of every skill range and age. The course is relatively flat. Maybe a great spot for a destination PR? As if a jaunt through Iceland’s beautiful landscape wasn’t enough, the race coincides with Culture Night, an annual celebration of Icelandic arts and culture.

Absolutely, plant that tree and volunteer to clean up that riverbank or roadside. Then, register for a race that both challenges you and lets you bask in all the beauty that is our splendid little planet. And what about us? Well, we’d love to tag along to make sure cramps don’t ruin your run. You can order HOTSHOT to start running cramp free right here (yes, even if you are already in Iceland, we ship internationally!). Don’t forget to stay in touch, too. We’re all over the place—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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